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Taobao Xinxuan

Developing Trial

As the premium platform of Alibaba, TaoBaoXinXuan tries to establish a new way to produce household products, the C2B2M Patter, which involve consumers participating the new product developing process, to support the new retail experience offline.






Try design new product by involving consumers, and establish the approach & mechanism.

project details

This project is the trials of Developing the C2B2M-Pattern for Household Product Design

we take 2 trials, each have 2 workshop for whole process, in order to test and ensure the process would go smooth and effective.

1. A KOL Consumer Workshop

Invite consumers (KOL) to share their stories and perspectives towards one specific topic about lifestyle.

In this workshop, our goal is to attach consumers' lifestyle stories and their pain-points

2. OpenCreativity Workshop

Invite external experts, co-work on the result of last workshop, transforming consumer insights into new product concepts.

In this workshop, we use deliveries produced in workshop 1 dig deeper insight and give product concept, prototype, and product stories for consumer.


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