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Innovation Friday

The Culture & Transformation Team wants to support “3-Wave Stragety” through a series of culture change programs. Innovation-Friday is one of the initiatives.


Culture & Transformation Team, HR




1- Encourage people raise innovation challenges and seek ideas on this platform; 2- Encourage cross-team collaboration.

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INNOVATION-FRIDAY is a 2.5 hrs - gathering on 3rd Friday Monthly for 3 collected innovation topics in Lenovo, including:

- Executive presence as committee;

- Participants from different functions;

- Topics are collected from different functions;

- Generate ideas via systematic process & tools;

- Early validation for new product/ service / process.

employees from different department group up and work for the same topic

To build this innovation culture in Lenovo, we scale the system with 3 steps

As in START-UP, 

Lenovo In HQ, engage people every month (3rd Friday), to establish the awareness of bottom-up innovation.

Then we move into SCALE-UP section, 

Apply and iterate Innovation-Friday to support local needs, to explore a scalable model.

We foresee the culture developed in the company, 

finally, DE-CENTRALIZATION is coming, 

Then we will see enable cross-geographic collaboration, leveraging the Innovation-Friday in different sites.


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