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Brand-Edge Approch Development

Brand-Edge is the balance area that meet both brand-uniqueness & consumer-relevancy. Coke brand team want to develop an approach to find Brand-Edge for different category products.


Brand Team, MKT




Develop Process and tools that fits different ready-to-drink categories for identifying brand-edge.

project details

"Brand Edge" is a concept raised by CocaCola for product design principle.

we define the concept in 2 dimensions

When we approach to this CO-CREATION PLATFORM, we define the key "Brand Edge" concept in two dimensions: Uniqueness and Relevancy.

With this structure, we take the great challenge "HOW TO ENSURE EXECUTOR UNDERSTAND THE BRAND EDGE CONCEPT AND DEFINE THE PRODUCT" apart into 4 steps.

4 steps for the concept

In our first pilot project "Packaging Water", we take these 4 steps figure out topic: What’s the Brand-Edge that ChunYue could take as the new product design principle?


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